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The Bong Shout - Kolkata Science City Tour 2020 With Full Fare Details || New look Science City after lockdown

Science City remains open all days of the year (except Holi ) from 9:00 a.m to 8: 00 p.m . Ticket counters remain open upto 7:00 p.m.


CATEGORY OF VISITORS 2D Digital Show (Rate per head) 3D Digital Show (Rate per head)
General Visitors                                   Rs. 80/-     Rs. 100/-
Visitors in Group (Minimum 25)         Rs. 70/-     Rs. 90/-
Organised Students’ Group                  Rs.40/-     Rs.50/-
Underprivileged groups of children     Rs.40/-     Rs.50/-
Visitors with BPL Card                       Rs.80/-     Rs.100/-

Weekdays (Monday-Saturday)
Sundays & Holidays

11:30 AM Asteroid Mission Extreme 11:00 AM The Life of Trees
12:30 PM The Life of Trees  12:00 pm Asteroid Mission Extreme
2:00 PM Asteroid Mission Extreme 1:00 PM The Life of Trees
3:00 PM The Life of Trees  2:00 PM Asteroid Mission Extreme
4:00 PM Asteroid Mission Extreme 3:00 PM The Life of Trees
5:00 PM The Life of Trees  4:00 PM Asteroid Mission Extreme
6:30 PM Asteroid Mission Extreme 5:00 PM The Life of Trees
6:00 pm Asteroid Mission Extreme
Show Timings are subject to change. Last show at 7:45 PM is executed only when there is visitor demand.

The Life of Trees – 35 Minutes ( Version ” Hindi”)
Asteroid Mission Extreme – 30 Minutes ( Version ” Hindi”)

Submit photocopies of BPL & photo identity cards at the ticket counter and show their originals.

Entry fee for BPL card holders is Rs.5/- per person


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