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The Bong Shout - Physical Security Key For Google Facebook - Yubikey-5-nfc

What is YubiKey?

This is one type of physical security key. Which provides additional online security for below accounts.

  • Google (Gmail, Drive, Cloud, Hangouts, Play, Wallet, YouTube)
  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Facebook
  • Dropbox
  • Amazon (AWS) - YubiKey only
  • GoDaddy
  • LastPass - YubiKey only
  • Boxcryptor
  • Twitter - YubiKey only
  • Coinbase - Titan only, not YubiKey
  • Parannoici/Autistici
  • Binance
  • Microsoft - YubiKey 5 only
  • Brave

Its mostly support for those accounts which already having 2 factor authentication mechanism for their users. Now Ybikey makes 2 factor authentication more easy. Suppose your have a Google account which having OTP verification for login now if your mobile got stolen, then it will be very easy for hackers to decrypt you Google password from your mobile and access to your account with OTP verification as your mobile already with him.

Now if you have YubiKey authenticate account then it will impossible to login or hack your account without this key.

Types of  YubiKey 

Mainly three types of YubiKey available in market

You can get more info about this different types of YubiKey from this below URL

Price of YubiKey

US Price 

  • SECURITY KEY SERIES - $20 – $27 USD per key
  • YUBIKEY 5 SERIES - $45 – $70 USD per key
  • FIPS SERIES -$46 – $69 USD per key
Price in India is little higher side as import and custom charge will be added in that price. But still you can get YubiKey 5 series from Rs. 3400 to Rs. 8000 in amazon.

Yubico - Security Key NFC - USB-A - Two Factor Authentication Security Key

Yubico - YubiKey 5 NFC - USB-A - Two Factor Authentication Security Key

How the YubiKey works?

It works in a simple three steps.

Register YubiKey

YubiKey NFC 5 Register

First you need to register your YubiKey with supported service and choose two factor authentication.

Insert YubiKey and Tap

YubiKey NFC 5 Tap

Now you need to insert your YubiKey on a computer USB port and need to touch the YubiKey to verify you are a human not a remote hacker.

Tap On Phone

YubiKey NFC 5 Tap on Phone

For NFC enabled android devices you need to tap the YubiKey NFC 5 against your phone to do the verification. 

Now your online accounts are much more secure. No one can access your online accounts without this physical keys. But only one thing you need to remember that you have to keep this key very carefully. If you lost this key then you can face difficulties to access your accounts.

Although most of the account give backup options if you lost this key. As a backup you need to print the YubiKey crypto in a paper, that will work once you lost your device.


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