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Easy 2 Min Recipe - Mug Cake Recipe

2 min recipe

Hi foodies welcome to my cooking blog.

Today I'll tell you 2 min recipe of how to make mug cakes. This will just take two minutes of your time and the result will be all worth you can see how soft and fluffy our mug cakes are and the taste is absolutely rich and flavorful I bet you are going to love it for that you have to make it as well right so let's begin.


Mug Cake Chocolate - 

Flour / Maida – 3 tbsp

Cocoa Powder – 1 tbsp

Powdered Sugar – 1 1/2 tbsp

Baking Powder – 1/16pinch

Baking Soda - 1/2 pinch

Condensed Milk – 1 tbsp

Milk - 1 +1 tbsp

Butter - 1 tbsp

Cream / Malai - ½ tbsp

Vinegar – 1 drop

Vanilla essence - 1 drop

Instead of Condensed Milk, you can increase sugar to 3 tbsp, and cream to 2 tbsp

Mug Cake Vanilla - 

Flour / Maida – 4 tbsp

Powdered Sugar – 1 ½ tbsp

Baking Powder – 1 /16 tsp

Baking Soda - 1/2 pinch

Condensed Milk – 1 tbsp

Milk - 1+1 tbsp

Butter - 1 tbsp

Cream / Malai - ½ tbsp

Vinegar – 1 drop

Vanilla essence - ½ tsp

First I am going to show the chocolate mug cake, so here I have a mug in which I am going to make and eat the cake.

Mug Cake Cup

To make the cake you will require this type of measuring spoons as shown below.

Spoon used for cake cup

So the first step is to take four tablespoons of maida or plain flour. 

After adding the four tablespoons of the plain flour or maida we are going to add one and a half tablespoons of powdered sugar. If you don't have condensed milk then you have to use three tablespoons of powdered sugar.

Now we are going to add the cocoa powder since we are making chocolate cake we will require one tablespoon of cocoa powder.

To make the cake extra soft and good we are going to require one sixteenth teaspoon of baking powder basically two pinches guys after adding the two pinches of baking powder we will add half a pinch of baking soda.

Here I am using a fork to mix it really well now we are going to give it a good mix make sure all the baking powder cocoa powder baking soda is really well mixed with the maida.

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This looks good now we are going to add the wet ingredients first is one tablespoon of condensed milk if you don't have condensed milk handy then you can totally skip it in this recipe. 

Next we are going to add one tablespoon of milk tablespoon of butter if you do not want to use butter you can also use oil in this recipe by the way adding oil makes it extra moist as well.

Next we are going to add half a tablespoon of cream if you do not have condensed milk then you have to use one and a half tablespoons of cream or malai. Yes you can use malai instead of cream. Now we are going to add a little a bit of vinegar you can also use lemon juice if you do not have vinegar handy, here I'm using two drops of vinegar and to neutralize all the flavors we are going to use four to five drops of vanilla essence.

Now use the fork and mix it really well to have this heavenly desert you have to do the effort of mixing it really well after there are no lumps and everything is really well mixed we will add one more tablespoon of milk if you add the milk initially then there will be lumps in the batter and if there are lumps then your mud cake won't be really nice in taste as well as in texture so the
batter looks good thick luscious and perfect now it's time to cook it by the way if you want to add some choco chips or chopped chocolate then you can totally add it.

So you arrived my microwave this is on I'm going to pass it inside then we are going to cook it for one minute the cooking time will totally depend upon the microwave guys some microwaves will get it done in less than one minute some will take more than one minute. 

This is done let me take it out that looks perfect.

easy cooking recipes

So don't forget to write and share with me how it goes for you I'm sure you will love this.


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