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Lifetime experience in Rajasthan finally I'm writing this travel blog. Its been long time I've posted my last travel blog. Yes its almost six month back I've posted my last travel blog. So let's gets started. Here I'll share my overall travel experience in this blog including full itinerary details of Rajasthan tour. So if you are planning to travel Rajasthan it will be very easy for you after reading this blog. First thing first why we should visit Rajsthan.... And the answer is very simple. This is the most colorful city in the world. And the one of the largest state of India with full of glamorous palaces and ancient forts. Rajasthan also called land of kings. And visiting this place means you are going to gain a lifetime experience and that will be full of historical and cultural treasure. So before telling about Itinerary explaing the cost of this tour. As I'm always prefer budget tour so I choose this budget package tou