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How to eliminate plastic bags

Everybody knows plastic bags are very harmful for our nature. It can't be destroy and it creates lots of pollution's in our nature but still we can't denied the usability or unfriendly feature of this plastic products.

In every year peoples are producing tons of wastage's of this inorganic products, which causing harm to our nature as well as human health. Plastics are contained many chemical and hazardous substances such as Bisphenol A (BPA), thalates, antiminitroxide, brominated flame retardants, and poly- fluorinated chemicals etc. which are a serious risk factor for human health and environment.

So whats the probable solution of this issue. There are couple of replacement already suggested by scientists which can solve this issue. This is the time we need to decide and completely replace this plastic material from our daily life. Otherwise no one can stop the destruction of this beautiful world.

So these are the couple of alternatives we found as a good replacement of plastic products.

Cornstarch biodegradable bags 
Beewax wrap/shopping bags
Coconut/Palm leaf shopping bags
Cassava bags
Chicken feather bags
Cotton Bags
Reusable Paper bags
Soybean plastic

But among these I think Cornstarch biodegradable product should be our final solution. As this product is mainly composed from vegetable oil and cornstarch. And main benefit of this kind of biodegradable product is, anytime you can decompose these materials. That means it can be broken down any time and can be converted to organic material and again converted to the energy of this beautiful nature. Also we can recycle these products as well.

Its the time to come forward Govt of every country and should banned these plastic disaster materials immediately and before banning we should produce biodegradable product like Cornstarch bags and its most important like banning plastic to produce and distribute these new biodegradable products to all shops. So normal people didn't suffer any difficulties in their daily life.
If we did n't start protect our nature from today then it will be too late to save this beautiful world.

Here I'm showing couple of cornstarch product which already available in the market. 

Its the duty of every civilian to gift a beautiful and healthy future to our next generation. So lets start to change this world from today.......

Thanks a lot for reading this blog....  


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