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Apple announced $999 pro display stand

Apple recently announced $999 pro display stand for Pro Display XDR . Its very much configurable and expandable stand for the worlds biggest and best pro Display screen.

A System Defined By Utility & Flexibility

Apple has created the new high-performance Mac Pro & Mac Pro Display XDR. It is designed to allow a wide variety of uses and virtually unlimited customization possibilities.

Perfected, Revolutionary Design.

This unit forms and monitors the light together with custom lenses and geometrically shaped reflectors, achieving industry-leading clarity.

The Pro Display is mounted to a stand made of a single extrusion of aluminum, with specific mechanisms in the arm counterbalancing the display, making it feel almost weightless in both landscape and portrait.

A stainless steel is central to the project.

 A stainless steel space frame that also acts as handles and feet is central to the project.This screen is designed for all viewpoints with 360 degree exposure and several mounting points.

Great, Creative Design With pros in mind, every element of Pro Stand has been planned. Height, tilt, rotate-it is fully adjustable, enabling you to fit your Pro Display XDR seamlessly into any work environment.

Height adjustment and tilt

Through specific tilting and a maximum height adjustment of 120 mm, Pro Stand helps to adapt Pro Display XDR to any viewing environment. While changing the height, the screen angle remains true. Thanks to a highly sophisticated mechanism in the arm, the display feels weightless, moves effortlessly, and stays exactly where you want it.


Pro Stand gives you the ability to move easily whenever you want between landscape and portrait. Adjust the orientation of the window by simply unlocking the slider and turning the switch in the opposite direction. Such versatility helps the screen to adapt quickly to the changing material of a professional.


The magnetic connector on Pro Stand is connected to a polar-opposite magnet on the back of Pro Display XDR. These magnets control the attachment while latches automatically lock the stand to the display in a secure manner. It's as easy to unlock the monitor as the slider.

Apple Pro Stand Features

Height adjustment: the system allows for a total height adjustment of 120 mm (60 mm in each direction from the midpoint)
Orientation: landscape or portrait


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