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10 ways you can make your Android 10 fast

If you think your android 10 smartphone is running very slow then you are are on the correct place. Today I'll tell you 10 specific way to make your android 10 phone fast by applying those tricks to your phone.

First few ways are very obvious and everyone should apply those techniques on their android mobile. So lets started one by one.

1. This process is very simple. You just need to uninstall those apps which you are not using for long time and occupied your mobile space. You can see those statistics by seeing from Google play store app listing. It will show you how much space one app is occupied in your mobile and when last time you used that app.

So just shortlist those apps which are occupying large space and you are not using frequently.  May be few of those running in background and making your phone slow. So by uninstalling those apps your phone performance can be improved.

These days few phone manufacturer install couple of apps which can't be uninstallable. So those junk apps you can't be able to uninstall by long press those apps. But yes there is a way, when you long press on those apps, it will show App info option. And from that option you can able to see Disabled option for that app. It will fulfill the purpose like uninstall the apps. Once you disable those apps, it wont run in the background, and your phone performance certainly increase.

2. You should always up to date your phone software by installing updates when available. By installing new updates on you are make sure your phone be more secure from malware. Most of the phone got slow because of the malware. So by installing updates, your phone performance may improved a lot.

3. This process also very easy to apply. What you need to do is finding lightest version of apps. Most of the popular app like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube having lighter version of app available in Google play store. And it will take very less space compare to the heaviest version of apps.

4. set Static wallpaper rather than set dynamic wallpaper as those dynamic wallpaper may good look better but use lots of phone resources. As any animated wallpaper may use gyroscope sensor of your phone. So its always be a good idea to set static wallpaper to your phone. And certainly this process will make your phone faster.

5. use less number of widget on your mobile home screen. As few widget regularly updates in background for live feeds. So by reducing less widget in home screen make your phone much faster.

6. You can use light weight launcher for your android 10 smart phone. You can find those lightweight launcher in Google play store by checking its review and ratings. At the same time you have to keep remember one thing, you just need to uninstall old unused launcher from your smartphone.

7. You can make your smartphone much faster by use lighter browser than Google chrome. There are lots of lighter web browser available in the market like firefox, brave or microsoft edge. As those lighter version of apps will take less space in your mobile. And by using this trick undoubtedly you can free some resources from your phone and it will increase your phone performance.

8. For this process you need to investigate which app causes more battery usage in your phone. For that you need to go to Settings>>Battery and then you can see battery usage of your mobile phone apps. And then you need to decide which app usage how much of battery drain and limit usage of that apps.

Android 10 having one more feature for solve this problem. You can restrict particular apps battery usage by enable battery usage restriction for that app. You can make this feature on by tapping on that app and the go to the app info menu, there you can see that option for restrict battery usage for that app. And it will limit your background battery usage for that app. Battery optimization also you can apply from there to.

9. You can also include Data saver feature for this phone make faster process.

10. Remove animation from your phone may increase your phone performance. For that you just need to activate developer mode for your phone first. And the you can reduce animation speed or you can completely remove animation for each of those apps. And this process is very useful for making your phone fast.


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