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The new Android 10 features

These are the new features will appear on your smartphone after getting Android 10 update from google.

Dark Theme

Google finally introducing dark mode in android 10. It means users can change the entire phone system in a darker hue. Benefit of this dark mode is saving battery life as well as dark mode reduces eye strain.

Smart Reply in all messaging app

Smart reply feature also introducing in android 10 by google. It means in google chat, Whatsapp and Fb messenger user can avail to response anticipated short text which provides by android 10 as per machine learning.

Enhanced location and privacy tool

New dedicated location section also going to be introduce in this android 10 update. It means user can set privacy of the share location data.

Incognito mode for Google Maps

Google chrome and Youtube already have this feature. But now from google search and location search also going to be introduce Incognito mode. That means your location search result not be stored or linked back to your account.

Focus Mode

Following a year ago's arrival of its Digital Wellbeing suite of devices, Google is adding another element to assist clients with centering without interruption. Center mode, which is propelling in beta with Android 10, enables clients to choose specific applications they need to abstain from during a timeframe, for example, informing or news applications. Those applications become stopped, turned gray out and notices are covered up. Together with application clocks, the don't upset mode and notices controls, this component will ideally assist you with discovering some parity.

Live Caption

An element that won't be live at dispatch, unfortunately. By tapping the volume button and the symbol underneath the volume slider, Live Caption will naturally add captions to recordings, digital broadcasts and sound messages - in any event, for sound that you record yourself. The ongoing inscriptions are made through on-gadget AI and will show up when discourse is recognized, without the requirement for Wi-Fi or an information association. The content box can be extended, hauled and moved around the screen and will prove to be useful for individuals who are hard of hearing or nearly deaf, or when tuning in to sound in a boisterous domain.

New Parental Controls

Parental controls, which are as of now accessible by means of the Family Link application in the Google Play Store, will be incorporated with Android 10 and open in the Digital Wellbeing settings. This apparatus offers guardians an approach to screen and deal with their children's screen time by setting application explicit time constrains and allowing them "five additional minutes" of reward time, for instance. Guardians can likewise oversee content through class and explicit applications and rapidly observe the area of their children's gadgets.

Edge-to-edge Gestures

Google has thought of new signals for Android 10 and thinned down the route bar. Notwithstanding utilizing the typical three-button includes in the route bar and Android Pie's swipe motions, you would now be able to swipe up from the base of your screen to return home, from left to right to return instead of tapping a catch. Swipe up and hold to get to as of late opened applications.
Sending updates straight to your phone
It would appear that Google may have taken some motivation from iPhone X here – these new signals will unquestionably make the change from iOS to Android simpler. To test the completely gestural route, empower them in framework settings. 

Thinking about how to get the opportunity to Google Assistant? Swipe slantingly from the privilege or left base of your screen and hold until it shows up. Additionally, the associate still has its very own catch on the home and performing various tasks screen.

Sending updates straight to your phone

Google is introducing Project Mainline in an attempt to push out security (and privacy) patches straight to a phone through the Play store – like for apps, these updates run in the background and are loaded next time your phone starts up, removing the need for a full system reboot as is now the case with Android. For developers, this means apps and games can be updated while in use without the need to interrupt anything.

Fit to foldables

Collapsing telephones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X may have gotten off to an awful start, and they haven't been given quite a bit of a notice as of late, yet at I/O Google reinforced its help for the forthcoming influx of gadgets. The organization upgraded Android 10 with changes to its multi-resume and show capacities, to guarantee applications can run at the same time close by different applications and progress consistently from a little to tablet-sized screen when a gadget is unfurled. Engineers can begin building and testing with Android's foldables emulator to watch that their applications scale appropriately crosswise over various screen measurements and goals - in time for the arrival of these hotly anticipated gadgets.

It'll be compatible with 5G

Contingent upon where you are and who you ask, 5G is here and it's required to essentially evacuate spilling slack, opening up the entryway for continuous video coordinated effort, AR/VR-based applications and multiplayer game gushing. Google is packaging in 5G similarity and broadening existing APIs for Android 10 – this will enable engineers to prepare for the new time and ensure their applications can take advantage of "overly quick" speed.

More Android 10 features

Streaming media and calls to hearing aids, real-time Live Transcribe transcriptions and a new Dynamic depth file format to store and share photos taken with the help of depth sensors, and AR content.


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