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Android pay Vs Samsung pay Vs Apple Pay in India

Although NFC came in India long ago but still all these three payment methods are not much popular in India as most of the Indian's bank didn't support Android pay or Apple pay but still few banks in India they support Samsung pay. So in India Samsung pay is much popular against all those two. Samsung pay also having one more extra benefit like without NFC it can transfer money to merchant using magnetic field. But unfortunately Samsung pay only supports Samsung devices.

On the other hand Android pay did not launch in India neither Apple pay. These payment methods need NFC support on merchant as well as buyer devices. And most importantly these payment method need to be supported by Banks. 

So these payment method having pros and corns like others. Benefit of these payment methods are, you don't need to carry any credit or debit card with you, you just register any credit card or debit card by taking photo from NFC enabled devices. After taking photo your NFC device will identify its number and expiry date and then you just need to set pin and that's it. This card setup process moral less same for all three payment methods. But the thing is we need to wait when Indian bank giving support all these payment methods.

Although if you have Samsung NFC supported mobile, you can use Samsung pay in India.

And from the other hand these payment methods having some corns like , in many cases NFC devices does not work with the merchant devices. So users can face delay in the payment process.

But hopefully in near future NFC and these payment methods will be very popular in India.

And if your mobile having NFC then you can use other ways like punching in metro station or in offices where access cards are mandatory. But for that you need to install and setup couple of apps in your mobile and register those access card in it. I'll describe that process in my other blogs as well.



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