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Android pay Vs Samsung pay Vs Apple Pay in India

Although NFC came in India long ago but still all these three payment methods are not much popular in India as most of the Indian's bank didn't support Android pay or Apple pay but still few banks in India they support Samsung pay. So in India Samsung pay is much popular against all those two. Samsung pay also having one more extra benefit like without NFC it can transfer money to merchant using magnetic field. But unfortunately Samsung pay only supports Samsung devices. On the other hand Android pay did not launch in India neither Apple pay. These payment methods need NFC support on merchant as well as buyer devices. And most importantly these payment method need to be supported by Banks.  So these payment method having pros and corns like others. Benefit of these payment methods are, you don't need to carry any credit or debit card with you, you just register any credit card or debit card by taking photo from NFC enabled devices. After taking photo your NFC

How to get One plus 7 Pro for free

Here I'm sharing a hidden trick to get Oneplus 7 pro for free of cost but this offer is for very limited period of time. And you have to follow very simple steps for getting this smartphone. First of all you need to download nearby app from the google app store from this below URL: Once you have download and install it on your smartphone, then you just need to register in this app. And that's it, now you can able to see this offer. For apply to this contest you no need to spend any money in this site just need to click on Add+ button and that's it. Before 30th November you need to redeem this coupon, and if you are lucky you can won this smartphone. 

How To Get Google Play Store Refund

Sometimes we opted for free trial app from Google play store without reading any terms and conditions. And sometimes its causes sudden deduction from google play store account from already added credit card or debit card.  Few days back I've also faced same kind of issues. I was opted for Magi+ app for 3 days free trial. But after expire of that trial period, its suddenly deducted $65.99 from my account and forcefully subscribed me as a premium member for one year. Then instantly I searched in google for their refund policy and the same time I contacted through mail with that app developer. So after lot of search I found this below process to launch a refund ticket in google play store. On your computer, go to Click Order History. Find the order you want to return. On the order, click More More. Select Request a refund or Report a problem and choose the option that describes your situation. Complete the form and note that you would li

Alibaba Cloud Service Announcement

Alibaba now providing cloud services like others. Six generation ECS instances also announced by the company You can find price differences between alibaba cloud and amazon aws from below. The Gist of AWS vs Alibaba Cloud Pricing: Alibaba wins, but… Alibaba is less expensive than AWS for the one-month subscription — that’s a fact. But for longer-lived instances, AWS Reserved Instances are more affordable, being about 40–75% less expensive than AWS PAYG, and less than some or possibly all Alibaba monthly subscriptions. AWS RI’s are also more easily applicable for auto scaling than a monthly subscription. For non-production instances that you can turn off when not in use, PAYG is more affordable for both cloud providers, and ParkMyCloud can automate the scheduling. The only problem with Alibaba will be finding instances types that you can use with the PAYG option.

The new Android 10 features

These are the new features will appear on your smartphone after getting Android 10 update from google. Dark Theme Google finally  introducing dark mode in android 10. It means users can change the entire  phone system in a darker hue. Benefit of this dark mode is saving battery life as well as dark mode reduces eye strain. Smart Reply in all messaging app Smart reply feature also introducing in android 10 by google. It means in google chat, Whatsapp and Fb messenger  user can avail to response anticipated short text which provides by android 10 as per machine learning. Enhanced location and privacy tool New dedicated location section also going to be introduce in this android 10 update. It means user can set privacy of the share location data. Incognito mode for Google Maps Google chrome and Youtube already have this feature. But now from google search and location search also going to be introduce Incognito mode. That means your location search result not be

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 will be one of the first smartphone to be powered by qualcomm 865 processor

Xiaomi today announced the Mi 10 smartphone at Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Tech Summit 2019. The Mi 10 will use Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 865 SoC, one of the first phones to use the new chip. Lin Bin, Xiaomi’s CEO, made the announcement earlier today but offered very little in the way of details. However, Lin Bin mentioned the 108 MP camera used in the Xiaomi Mi CC9 and Mi Note 10, so it’s possible the Mi 10 could use the same sensor. It’s also likely the Mi 10 will have flagship-level specs with plenty of RAM and storage. Bin also announced that Xiaomi plans to launch over 10 5G-compatible smartphones next year, though he did not give names or any other information. According to Bin, Xiaomi’s Mi Watch will also get a 5G modem next year, making it the first smartwatch that can connect to 5G networks. Rs.  36,990 ( Expected Price ) Key Specs   Android v9.0 (Pie) Performance Octa core (2.96 GHz, Single Core + 2.42 GHz, Tri core + 1.8 GHz, Quad

Xiaomi Mi Watch with 4G eSIM and MIUI

Xiaomi shared variety of details considering the smartwatch as well as specifications, design, pricing, and handiness. As noted antecedently, this is the first smartwatch from Xiaomi. Xiaomi Mi Watch four Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has simply launched its a lot of anticipated Mi Watch in China. the corporate shared variety of details concerning the smartwatch as well as specifications, design, pricing, and handiness. As noted antecedently, this is often the primary correct smartwatch from Xiaomi. This official announcement comes hours once the expected value of the Mi Watch leaked on-line. However, the precise valuation of the wearable is totally different from what leaked on-line. Xiaomi has priced the watch approx. Rs 13,116 in Indian market. Xiaomi Mi Watch handiness and specifications Interested consumers will pre-register beginning nowadays at five PM for the primary sale. the primary sale is regular to require place at twelve high noon on November 11, 2019. addi

Realme X2 Pro with super vooc charger first impression

So realme at last going to launch one flagship level phone in Indian market. It has lot more features which make this phone very special from the day of launch. Although its sell will start from 26th Nov 2019 in Indian market. But before launching its got lot of popularity in Indian mobile market. People are posting unboxing videos in youtube with realme x2 pro chinese variant. This mobile is going to be first flagship mobile within 30k budget from realme 2019. And its very much comparable with high end flagship phones like Iphone or oneplus T. So what exactly the feature list for this phone. Realme X2 Pro specifications   The Realme X2 Pro is the company’s first real flagship device. So naturally, it gets specs you would otherwise expect from a OnePlus or Xiaomi device at that price point. The phone gets a premium metal and glass finish. It’s good to see Realme move up from polycarbonate builds. Both the front and back of the Realme X2 Pro are covered in Gorilla Glas

Beast is coming Xiaomi Mi Note 10/ Mi CC9 in India December 2019

How to get any premium camera or electronics goods for 10 days of use absolutely free

Today I'm going to share a top secret trick with you guys. Using this trick you can fulfill your dream. I know many people who is dreaming for a good photography camera like  Nikon D850 but unable to buy as they don't have enough budget to buy this kind of camera. But don't worry guys , using my tricks you can use your desired camera for 10 days. Or you can say you can use your dream camera as a trail for 10 days. Also if you want to take rent this kind of camera for 2 days from any camera shop, then it will cost you around 1k-2k/day. That means using my tricks you can save 2k -4k money as well as your purpose will solve. The tricks is very simple but for this you need one credit card or that order amount temporarily which you will easy get back after return your product. So now Just Order your dream camera from amazon or flipkart site, but before order please double check that seller giving you 10 days return policy or not. Once you get that product, then

Watch Amazon prime video for free lifetime

Today I'll describe a process by following this you can see amazon prime video for free lifetime. And for this you don't need to crack the amazon prime video apk. And as you are using third party app , this process is very simple and legal. As you guys know few days back giving prime free trial for 1 month for their customers, so if you have already opted for free trial in then you can see amazon prime video for free using that same account credentials until prime account got expire but if you have missed that opportunity then using below process you can use amazon prime video app for life time free. But for this first of all you need to do following things as shown below. Step 1. You need to register and opted for amazon prime for any other country except India.  Once this will be done then second thing you need to download and install an location changer mobile app from below link. Download Fake GPS location changer Step 2. No

Affordable Smart Watch In India (Noise Colorfit Pro 2) Price - Rs.2999

So today I'm going to review a very interesting and newly release Smart Watch Brand Noise. They recently release Noise Colorfit Pro 2, which is in very high demand in market these days because of its tons of features and reasonable price.  After releasing this watch within few days its got out of stock. Even its a giving a good competition to Amazfit Bip because of its price. Its almost 1k cheaper than Amaze fit Bip. If you want to maintain yourself and want to track your daily activity, then I must say its a good affordable smart watch for you. As you guys know these are couple of essential mandatory features it has like Activity Tracker (Distance, Steps, Calories Burned, Heart Rate, Sleep Monitor). Except all these features it has additional features like  Smart Notifications (Text, Email, Social Media App Alerts), Alarm Clock, Calendar Alerts, Sedentary Reminder and Goal Completion Reminder. And build quality of this device also very sturdy. And very in