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How to prepare Parbani Mutton


Mutton (250 gms)Onion (big, 4)Garlic is smashed (1 teaspoon)Ada rebate (1 teaspoon)Green beans into the chili pasteKashmiri red chili powderCinnamon, elaichi, cloves, boiled eggs, turmeric, salt (as per needed)Sugar, mustard oil, ghee, latex (25 grams)Bay leaves (2 piece), powdered milk (1 teaspoon), yogurt (1 teaspoon), nutmeg, jayetri cumin, black pepper, roasted spices, baby tomatoes (4 pieces)


Step 1: After washing mutton need to add yogurt, yellow, salt, mustard oil and then rub all these ingredients well and keep it aside for 30 minutes.   

Step 2: Then chop the onion and garlic pounded with hot mustard oil to fry. After fry take some fry onion from the fry pan and keep aside.

Step 3: Then add Ginger paste to pan, turmeric powder, sugar and salt, such as the amount and fry well.
Step 4: Now add the whole cinnamon, elaichi, cloves pay. After adding oil and mutton need to shake little then should be cover it well. After half boil need to add latex then milk powder and…